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A cycle hike along Rallarvegen

Haugastöl-Flåm, July 1999

We had longed for this cycle hike along the old railway road, Rallarvegen, between Haugastöl and Flåm. About 80 kilometers long and with a gorgeous nature which you probably can't dislike. And of course we had ordered sunshine a long time ago. Our short bike trousers were just waiting to be put on.


But when we started from Haugastöl there were lot of dark clouds in the sky. About an hour later when we had fired in the stove and were making some food the rain began to fall one more time. This lovely day ended up in Finse. We stayed here for the night after our 30 km day-work. The plan for tomorrow was to try the blue ice (glacier), Hardangerjökulen.


When we woke up early this the morning and looked out we decided not to walk on glacier because of the bad weather. The weather station said: 4 degrees and heavy wind. It's always fun to test how our water-proof clothes will like it.


We cycled nearly 20 km up and down hills through snow masses and stony areas and finally reached Hallingskeid. In this hut we were able to dry ourselves and of course our clothes. All of a sudden when we looked out of the window the sun came out from a dark sky. We jumped out as fast as we could to enjoy the sun and the lovely wilderness on our last leg to Flåm.


After a while we were forced to put on the rain clothes again. We arrived Flåm this late Saturday evening and discovered that there were no place vacant for the night. But we were told to cycle 7 km further to Aurland.

We'll be back on Rallarvegen again. The only difference is that we will book much better weather.

Elvy & Hans-Thore

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