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This is how you can send an electronic postcard to somebody!

To send an electronic postcard from "Till Topps" to somebody you know is easy. Just follow the steps bellow and the postcard will soon be on its way!

The following steps must be completed before you can send the postcard:

  • Step 1, Select picture.

  • Step 2, Input of receiver, sender and the text.

  • Step 3, The approval of the postcard. This is when the postcard will be sent.

An email will be posted to the receiver telling him or her how to read the postcard.

Step 1: Select picture

First you have to select a picture for the postcard. You can preview (enlarge) the picture if you want.

If none of the pictures bellow suits you, just select one of the other pictures from one of our travel stories. Use the link to the left of the picture you want to use in the travel story and the selected picture will be used for the postcard!
Select picture (step 1)Write postcard (step 2)Approve postcard (step 3)

Standard pictures

Besseggen with the view of Gjende sjö.Besseggen with the view of Gjende sjö.
The cottage at Galdhöpiggen.The cottage at Galdhöpiggen.
Peak at Glittertind.Peak at Glittertind.
Bukkelägret with the view of Gjende sjö.Bukkelägret with the view of Gjende sjö.
Midtmaradalen from the other side.Midtmaradalen from the other side.
Rein deers at full speed.Rein deers at full speed.
Stora Skagastölstind.Stora Skagastölstind.
Summer snow.Summer snow.
Håvoll from the peak of Nipa.Håvoll from the peak of Nipa.
Christmas cardChristmas card
Christmas cardChristmas card
Christmas cardChristmas card
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