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Gjendesheim - Glitterheim Glitterheim - Glittertind - Spiterstulen Memurubu - Besseggen - Gjendesheim Spiterstulen - Galdhöpiggen Spiterstulen - Gjendebu Gjendebu - Gjendesheim Gjendesheim - Memurubu Gjendesheim - Torfinnsbu Juvvasshytta - Galdhöpiggen Leirvassbu - Olavsbu Eidsbugarden - Utladalen - Vetti Torfinnsbu - Eidsbugarden Memurubu - Bukkelægret - Gjendebu Memurubu - Surtningssui Olavsbu - Gjendebu Skogadalsbøen - Fannaråken Skogadalsbøen - Leirvassbu Turtagrø - Midtmaradalen - Hjelle Vetti - Skogadalsbøen Krossbu - Storebjørn Leirvassbu - Kyrkja Falketind Uranostind Hjelle - Vettisfossen Hjelle - Avdalen Glitterheim - Memurubu Spiterstulen - Glitterheim Gjendebu - Leirvassbu Leirvassbu - Spiterstulen



Welcome to our guide to Jotunheimen. Here you'll find information that you need for a succesful hiking.

The list below contains only the routes in Jotunheimen that we have tried on our own and that's why we can give you a personal comment. You will also find info about the huts in the area. A photo of the hut and a map of the actual route is displayed so you will get into the right mode. The hiking time is valid when you walk with a light back pack, but it depends also on your own shape and the weather.

Just click on the map to select a route otherwise you can use the links under the map.

About Jotunheimen

All of the norwegian peaks over 2300 metres are situated in Jotunheimen. That will tell us a lot about the area. You'll find everything from glaciers to nice valleys. The area is nowadays classed as a national park and we can hike at least 400 kilometres of marked paths. The weather is really different if you compare the western area with the eastern. In the west, around Hurrungane you'll notice a lot of rain and snow.

How to get there?

One alternative is to drive your car to the cabin and then park it there until you'll be back. Otherwise you can travel with bus. You'll have no problem to find a bus from Oslo. To find out more try this link to a norwegian bus company: www.nor-way.no.

It is very popular to start the hike in Gjendesheim. From here you can use the ferry to get into the area much faster. Of course, you can also let the ferry take your heavy back pack. Check out the timetable here: www.gjende.no.

Hiking route Area
1. Gjendesheim - GlitterheimJotunheimen
2. Glitterheim - Glittertind - SpiterstulenJotunheimen
3. Memurubu - Besseggen - GjendesheimJotunheimen
4. Spiterstulen - GaldhöpiggenJotunheimen
5. Spiterstulen - GjendebuJotunheimen
6. Gjendebu - GjendesheimJotunheimen
7. Gjendesheim - MemurubuJotunheimen
8. Gjendesheim - TorfinnsbuJotunheimen
9. Juvvasshytta - GaldhöpiggenJotunheimen
10. Leirvassbu - OlavsbuJotunheimen
11. Eidsbugarden - Utladalen - VettiJotunheimen
12. Torfinnsbu - EidsbugardenJotunheimen
13. Memurubu - Bukkelægret - GjendebuJotunheimen
14. Memurubu - SurtningssuiJotunheimen
15. Olavsbu - GjendebuJotunheimen
16. Skogadalsbøen - FannaråkenJotunheimen
17. Skogadalsbøen - LeirvassbuJotunheimen
18. Turtagrø - Midtmaradalen - HjelleJotunheimen
19. Vetti - SkogadalsbøenJotunheimen
20. Krossbu - StorebjørnJotunheimen
21. Leirvassbu - KyrkjaJotunheimen
22. FalketindJotunheimen
23. UranostindJotunheimen
24. Hjelle - VettisfossenJotunheimen
25. Hjelle - AvdalenJotunheimen
26. Glitterheim - MemurubuJotunheimen
27. Spiterstulen - GlitterheimJotunheimen
28. Gjendebu - LeirvassbuJotunheimen
29. Leirvassbu - SpiterstulenJotunheimen
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