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On this page you will read about our equipment and clothes we have used on our hikes. Just click on the link you are interested in and read more.

To the right we have specified which category the product belongs to and how good it is according to us. But as we said this is our personal opinions and perhaps you don't agree with us?

Product Category  
1. Ajungilak Beito fleece, Sleeping bag inlet[equipment]t  t  t  t  
2. Ajungilak Kompakt, Sleeping bag[equipment]t  t  t  t  
3. Craft Pro, Underwear[clothes]t  t  t  t  t  
4. Dobsom Lidingö, Tights[clothes]t  t  t  
5. Fjällräven Akka, Tunnel tent[equipment]t  t  t  t  
6. Fjällräven Hunter, Gore-tex pant[clothes]t  t  t  t  t  
7. Fjällräven Slic Rock Light, Rain jacket[clothes]t  t  t  t  
8. Fjällräven Tind Gyro, Frame backpack, 60+30 l[equipment]t  t  
9. Fjällräven, Water bag[other]t  t  t  t  t  
10. Lundhags Alaska, Footwear[equipment]t  t  t  t  
11. Meindl Tundra Pro, Footwear with Gore-tex[equipment]t  t  
12. Norröna Hadeng La, Frame backpack, 120 l[equipment]t  t  t  t  
13. Taiga Calgary, Gore-Tex pant[clothes]t  t  t  t  
14. Taiga Gorham, Gore-Tex pant[clothes]t  t  t  
15. Tierra, Fleece jacket[clothes]t  t  t  t  
16. Tierra Gorni, Gore-Tex jacket[clothes]t  t  t  t  
17. Trangia, Stove[equipment]t  t  t  t  
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