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Plastic your maps

Make your maps waterproof

Before you start the hike it can be nice to plastic your maps as protection against wet.

  • Cut the map at all folds.

  • Here it's best to be two persons. Place the plastic on the floor and tape the corners careful. Observe! The side with the paste upwards! ;-)

  • Place one piece of map and fasten it under pressure. It's important to leave a space about 2 mm between each piece. Check also that it's the right piece at the right place. Because you can't move a piece afterwards.

  • When all pieces are done you cover the upper side with one layer of plastic so both sides are protected with plastic. Here it's suitable to use some large books to flatten the plastic and to remove all the air bubbles.

  • Finally cut the map at the edges and remove all plastic not used. Fold the map as before. Because of the gap between each piece it's easy to fold it as before.

If you plastic you maps as above you can count that it longs many hikes in the future.

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