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On the news page you will read the latest news about Till Topps.
[this has happened...]
2018-08-05 - Norway 2018
The last summer trip is under construction.
2013-02-17 - Jotunheimen 2012
The last summer trip is under construction.
2012-07-22 - Lets go!
Once again Jotunheimen!
2009-01-03 - Bicycle trip 2007
Is found under articles!
2006-11-28 - 2006 years travel report
Finally everything is finished!
2006-08-12 - Jotunheimen 2006
This years travel report is under construction.
2006-05-18 - Aftonbladet travel
Tilltopps represented in Norwegian guide.
2006-04-08 - Travel report
Swedish travel report finished.
2005-09-18 - The trip 2005
This years travel story is under construction!
2005-01-22 - Storm Gudrun
Pictures from our hometown.
2004-10-10 - We are finished!
This years travel reports are now online.
2004-09-26 - This years travel report
Finally on its way!
2004-08-20 - Hittra 2004
Fishing pictures from Hittra 2004
2003-08-04 - This years travel stories
Are on its way!
2003-07-23 - Hiking time again!
We'll leave tomorrow, thursday, for a week of great adventures in Norway.
2002-11-11 - The new line works!
The change the optical line is done and everything works fine!
2002-11-07 - Tilltopps going down...
Tilltopps will be temporarily down while upgrading the line from 512kbit.
2002-10-29 - More speed for tilltopps.com!
We are upgrading our line to 10Mbit!
2002-10-20 - Updated postcard function
2002-10-20 - Article about Ecuador from one of our readers
(only available in Swedish so far. Will be translated later on)
2002-10-01 - The famous climber Göran Kropp is dead...
It's with great sadness we today received the news that the adventurer Göran Kropp is dead.
2002-09-21 - Trollheimen 2002 finnished!
This years travel stories in Swedish are now finnished.
2002-08-28 - Some defects corrected
2002-07-23 - We are back from Trollheimen!
2002-06-22 - Tilltopps not accessable
Due to an automatic update, the server was temporarelly down this Friday.
2002-06-14 - Link tip of today!
Awarded by PC för alla 2002-06-14.
2002-03-16 - The english translation is finished
Our translation of the site to english is almost finished.
2002-01-26 - What's up with the site?
Translation into english and some planning
2001-12-20 - New server!
We have upgraded our old server, a Pentium 133MHz to a PIII 1GHz!
2001-11-20 - The guide to Jotunheimen is updated!
The guide is updated so you can view the pictures that we have taken during that particular route.
2001-11-04 - Hiking weather?
You can now get the actual weather report directly from Jotunheimen!
2001-11-04 - Tilltopps goes wap!
Read Tilltopps from your mobile phone.
[selected news]
We are back from Trollheimen!
We are back from a week in Trollheimen. Right now we are fixing the pictures and the stories so be back in a week or two and you will get this years report from Norway.
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