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Jotunheimen 1999
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1999-07-24 - Hjelle - Turtagrø (resting day)
We woke up very tired this morning. When we had looked on the bus timetable we realize that no buses will go on Saturdays. After some hours a Mercedes cab passes and we manage to stop it. The taxi driver drives us back to Turtagrö. On the way back he told us the whole history of Övre Årdal and other interesting things. We were very easy to persuade to book in to the Turtagrö cottage. All of our clothes were wet so we had to dry them.

The yesterday hike costs me a cold. Turtagrø was a cozy place with a lot of photographs on the walls inside the building. They got old pictures with climbers and peaks in the area. We also tried their food.
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Picture 99-6-67
The water fall at Hjelle. Bert and Jonas used the tent.
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Picture 99-6-68
But Magnus used the toilette instead.
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More info about the hiking route
Picture 99-6-69
Charging batteries and drying our equipment in Turtagrø.
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