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EQUIPMENT [clothes]

We are using the famous several layer principle. This means that we uses a super underwear nearest our body whitch sucks up all the perspiration and transport it away. The next layer is an isolating layer (type fleece) which warms the body. As outher layer we are wearing a windproof and waterproof garment.

Normally we are only using lighter clothes when we walk which means trousers and a Craft jersey. Above 10 degrees, shorts is enough. But remember to put some extra clothes on when resting or taking a break.

Even if you plan to hike during the summer you need to bring warm clothes like cap and gloves with you. The weather can change rapidly in the mountains.

The boots should be of good quality which means stable and waterproof. The damp can also come from above if you walk in bushy or wet terrain and then gaiters are recommended. Then you will stay dry all day without problems. In the boots we are using two pairs of socks, one thinner wool-sock innermost and one rougher on the outside. By using several socks the chance for blisters are highly redused and the walk is softer even in stony terrain.

 Socks  3 inner, 2 outer 
 Boots  1 pair 
 Jogging shoes/sandalers  1 pair 
 Long pants  1 pair 
 Pants  2 pairs 
 Shorts  1 pair 
 Trousers + braces  1 pair 
 Jogging trousers  1 pair 
 Craft jersey  2 pieces 
 T-shirt  1 piece 
 Shirt  1 piece 
 Fleece/rough sweater  1 piece 
 Jacket  1 piece 
 Baseball cap  1 piece 
 Cap  1 piece 
 Neckerchief  1 piece 
 Gloves (against cold weather or stones)  1 pair 
 Gaiters (good when snow walking)  1 pair 
 Ev. rain clothes   
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