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EQUIPMENT [personal]

The base in the personal equipment is the backback which should be of good quality and can carry heavy load. We prefer the biggest model from Norröna called Hadeng LA where everything can be carried in the backback so you won't look like a walking christmas tree. But there are many other backpacks on the market too. Remember that it must be waterproof and have a thick and heavy hip belt. We are using frame backbacks because we think that they are more airy (you don't sweat so much on your back).

The sleaping bag must be capable of a few minus degrees. We have had snow in the middle of the summer!

When it comes to mattresses, we are using Term-a-rest which we think works fine. The only disadvantage is that you can have a puncture but we always bring a repair kit with us. And we can tell you that the repair kit works fine.

The best knife is a Swiss army knife with the tools you need for the hike. Large hunting knifes and machetes can be left at home.

The water bottle is an ordinary 0.5 litre pet-bottle which is usually placed in the leg pocket or in a string from the backpack. So it's easilly reached when walking. We can also tell you that we drink a lot of water, almost one bottle per hour.

 Backpack  1 piece 
 Sleaping bag  1 piece 
 Mattress  1 piece 
 Packing bags  
 Matches  1 box 
 Knife  1 piece 
 Jug  1 piece 
 Plate  1 piece 
 Set of instruments  1 piece 
 Water bottle (½ litre)  1 piece 
 Towel  1 piece 
 Sun glasses  1 piece 
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