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EQUIPMENT [sanitary]

The personal hygiene is always important on longer hikes. This is how we take care of ourself.

The first thing we do in the morning is to tape our feets (heels). This is always done in preventative aim to prevent from blisters and chafed foot. After the breakfast we brush our teeth as usual. Exactly as home, isn't it?

Then nothing happens until the evening when the large body recovery take place. After the tent is up we wash ourself in the nearest creek. Observe to wash whole of the body after a long and sweaty hike. Then we rest a while with food and something to drink.

Before bedtime we take care of our feet a little bit more. We start to puncture the blisters (if any) with a needle. Don't remove the skin over the blister! It's better if the skin hardens above the blister to prevent from infections. If you have large blisters you have to repeat this until all of the water under the blister is gone. Rests from Compeed or tape are also removed. Finally we lubricate with skin lotion. On warm and sunny days even our hands and the face gets some lotion.

This is how we take care of our bodys on longer trips. And we have no problems hiking for several weeks with day trips of up to 12 hours.

One good tip is to place the toilet paper in a plastic bag. It's not funny if you need to relieve oneself and the paper is wet...

 Toilet paper  1 roll/pers 
 Schampoo/Soap  1 bottle/group 
 Shaving things  1 set/group 
 Lypsyl/sun block  1/group 
 Sun cream  1 tube/group 
 Body lotion  1 tube/group 
 Toothbrush  1/pers 
 Fluor tablets  1 pot/group 
 Vitamine tablets  1 pot/group 
 Toothpaste  1 tube/group 
 Sporttape  2 rolls/group 
 Compeed  1 box/group 
 First aid incl. medicine  1 set/group 
 Anti-mosquito preparation  1/group 
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