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EQUIPMENT [common]

The equipment bellow is what the group needs for the hike.

Notice that we use two stoves which can be a little bit luxury. But this makes the cooking much easier. On one stove we can f e make minced meat sauce and on the other one pasta or rice. We are still using spirit stoves because we think they work fine. But remember to mix 50% metanol with 50% methylated spirits to get rid of the soot on the saucepans. We often put the dish cushions, cloth, liquid and the brush in one of the stoves.

We are using a small Maglite as flash light. It can be used for a long time on one set of batteries. But remember to bring extra batteries just in case.

The water bag is one thing we recommend strongly. This can hold several litres and all of you can imagine how boring it is to fetch water on a rainy cold morning. The bag doesn't weight a lot so we are considering to buy one more. The water bag can be hard to find but search at larger sport shops and you will probably find one.

The water bottles are used at peak climbs or glacier walks where there are no water. We are using ordinary pet-bottles which can hold about 1.5 litre.

The thermos are often used to something warm to drink at one of our rests. It's always nice to drink something warm on a cold and windy day.

The map and compass are always in our backpacks. You can have bad weather with fog and even if the route is well marked it's not sure that you can see the next mark. Those of you who don't believe us can check our travel story from Kjerag/Preikestolen year 2000.

 Stove  2/group 
 Tent  1/group 
 Tent lamp + warming candles  1/group 
 Flash light  2/group 
 T-red incl. Methanol  ½ litre/day 
 Dish cushions + cloth + liquid + brush  1 set/group 
 Can opener  1/group 
 Water bag  1/group 
 Large water bottles (for transport)  1½ litre/pers 
 Map  1 or 2/group 
 Compass  1/group 
 Binoculars  1/group 
 Camera + film  1/group 
 Grease/Shoe polish  1/group 
 Thermos  1/group 
 String (f e to shoes, repairs etc)  1 ball/group 
 Safety pins (for blisters/repairs etc)   
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